Monday, April 26, 2010

Judge the book by the cover

Haven been so down since ages.
Suppose to feel good after came back from Mumbai.
Finally get to rest for few days. Apparently NOT!
Don't know why after had lunch with Katherine, the moment i reach my room, i realise I'm all alone again.
Damn! I hate that feeling.

Michael and I talk about boy girls relationship over dinner today.
I told him that my low self esteem attacked me again.
I felt low about myself.
In my working environment, first impression is very important.
It's really too short time for people to know your 'inner beauty'.
Everyone will just judge the book by the cover.

I don't like people to judge me based on my look.
Like it or not, the world is like that.

Whenever i flip through magazine, i wish i look like one of those model.
What Michael said really hit me.
He said, why should you compare yourself with the girls out there where you are looking for the man in His presence!?

That's really true.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

零食精 junk food killer

Ever Since young i'm a junk food killer.
Ice cream, chocolate, potato chips, popcorn....
All also my favorite!!!

I think i got this habit from watching TV.
Those HK drama always show them eating chips while watching tv.
That's why i always link
watching TV with CHIPS
watching MOVIE with POPCORN
It's a MUST!! =P

Browsing around the junk food section in supermarket always my favorite.
I enjoyed myself crossing over junk foods! Wohoo!

How i wish i can just eat all i want without watching my weight.
I have friends who only eat junk food to LIVE.
Seriously, i never see her eating NORMAL meal.
But, she is SO skinny. VERY~
How can she not gaining weight by eating all the junk?!
I's unfair.. =P

Anyway, junk food still unhealthy.
Of cause knowing the theory is always different than practise it.

One day i might stop....or NOT... =P

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Aircraft engine failure

Hmmm...this is my first time experience engine failure in Cathay.
Happen on Barbara and Captain Soo before when i was still Firefly.

On the 9th of April, I was on my way to Auckland.
During my rest period, the whole aircraft was vibrating.
The vibration was so bad, until i can't have my rest.
I thought it's just bad weather. Never cross my mind was an engine failure.

After i woke up from my rest, the crew told me there were no power supply in the aircraft.
We almost need to do our drinks service in the dark.
Just before we start our service, power went on again. Thank God!! =)

It was a slight delayed, but the flight went like normal until we landed safely in Auckland.
The moment we enter the crew bus, on our way to the hotel, all the crew started to ask what's happen just now?!
The second officer told us the whole story.

One of the engine failed half way down the road.
That's why the whole aircraft was vibrating.
Captain decided to turn off some of the power supply in the aircraft to save up some energy.
Thank God it was Airbus 340 with 4 engines.
The pilots estimated that we still can reach Auckland with 3 engines.
Just that it will be slower than usual.

After confirming that there was not engine fire. No smoke, no fire.
Captain decided to turn back on the failed engine.
Thank God, it's works!!

Actually, i have no idea how stressful those pilots were.
I was just happily carried out my usual service.
I was just speechless when i heard the whole story after we landed.
How can i be so ignorance when i was on the flight!?
I don't even feel the danger.

Yesterday another Cathay aircraft from Surabaya had engine failure and landed emergency in the airport.
Oh my goodness!! I can't imagine that.
I think most probably my hand will be still shaking if i were operated that flight.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rich Medan 'Tai Tai'

Today i did a flight back from Penang to HK. The flight is simply SPEECHLESS!!
There were this group of 'Tai Tai' from Medan traveled with us.
Seated at my zone!! baguslah~~!!!

Their hair is FUYOO!!! Well set one u know...
I think even Typhoon number 8 also will not mess up their hair! =P
It was an early morning flight, I also have no idea what time they started to set their hair.

They were wearing expensive jewelry and handbags.
But... their behaviour is simply CHEAP and KIASU!!
They want EVERYTHING from the aircraft.
Not that i don't want to give, but i really don't have things to give mar.

The whole aircraft only have limit sets of playing card.
They already took ALL.
They even gamble in the aircraft. Real gamble with money all out. Adui!!

During meal collection, i was so shock!
They just gave me back almost empty tray. o_O
They kept all the cups and plates. Gosh!
Reason given, they would like to keep it as SOUVENIR!
Well, I have no choice but to forced them to take it out.

That actually didn't stop them. One of the 'Tai Tai' came to my galley and asked for the SOUVENIR. What the...???
Of cause, i rejected her la... And i asked her whether she will like to have a CATHAY PACIFIC ball pen.
For all you know, she said: 'Har?! Only 1 pen?? Can u give me MORE souvenir ar?!'
I wanted to ask her to take back the passenger SEATS if she can remove it from the aircraft!! Ahhrrr!!

Eh, hello, Aunty ar, do u know that your ticket didn't includes SOUVENIR?!
Plus, nowadays my company is SO POOR, they cut all our allowances.
You think they have money to give you all souvenir meh!?

Sometimes i think if those Aunty happen to be someone i know, what should i do?
If happen to be my parent, should i educate them??
But after all, they are your parent. How can we teach them back, right?

Friday, April 2, 2010

Hardworking month

Haven been working so hard since ages. This month i really work hard.
I swap in as many flight as possible.
Off days to flights, short turn around flight to long turn around flight.
My roster is like 'newspaper'. =P

Actually, it's kinda good to be productive thou.
Rather than, have too much time at home doing nothing.
Maybe also because last month i gave away too many flights for off days for many activities.
Don't get me wrong. Those activities i really think is worth for me to gave up my flights. Like the lovely wedding of Eu Wing & Win Nee in Penang and Life game in Kuantan. Was all great!!

I'm started saving money now. Stop buying stuff when i'm in outport.
Maybe it's kinda late to start saving compare some of my classmate.
Well, it's never too late i guess.
Hmmm... I think i never been so serious on my finance before. Good good.'s getting late. Tomorrow it's gonna be a long day for me.
Going to Osaka, Japan, overnight. Coming back on the following day.
Arriving Osaka around 9pm++. Leaving early on the next morning.
Nothing much i can do. Good la, save money. =)