Wednesday, August 25, 2010


It have been a while from the last time i went to Perth.
Emmm... almost a year ago.
I thought i will be ok. That's why i swappep for this flight.
I was over extimated myself.

Before i go, everything looks fine with me.
Feeling only started overwhelming when i reached the airport.
Familiar places, familiar foods, familiar time...

I thought about him. About those time.
Can't believe after so long i still can't get rid of it...
Don't get me wrong, not because of affection, to me, it's just a memories.

Met up with Jaclyn for brunch.
It was great!
It's always good to meet up with friends in outport.
Especially from the same hometown.

Well, Jac did update me about him.
She told me about he is loosing his walk with God.
He is treating Christianity as a lifestyle.
Going church or Cell group is just being in the circle of friends.

Nothing surprise me.
I will never forget what he said to me after we broke off.
I asked him whether the new girlfriend is a christian.
Guess what he said?!
I thought he will say, he will try to bring her to church or something like that.

I was so heart broken when i heard that.
Because that makes me think that when we were together, he was just PRETEND to be a good christian.
I still can't believe someone will used God to impress a girl.

It was me being too naive or he was very DARING.
How can he used God?!

Well, i realize i was being very bitter.
When i heard about his update from Jaclyn.
I should be praying for him.
But, i can't.
I think he don't deserve it.
I was so bitter, until i think he don't deserve salvation also.

Wow!! That's so wrong!
Thank God that He reminded me that i was also a sinner before.
Do i deserve salvation!?
Salvation is come from the grace of God.
If he don't deserve, neither do i.

Thank you Jesus for stretching me once again.
I'm now 'WIDER' than before.

Lord, I just want to up hold him unto your hand.
By God's grace, he will one day found his path with You.