Tuesday, January 26, 2010


行李很多 這客人又過火
仲有十幾位小朋友亂攪一通 快好坐


投訴太多 懂得禮貌卻不多
空姐似傭人似個奴隸過 真不錯


可笑我還要裝作 全程來慶賀
你卻視這夢想國 想清楚

全程投入 要事事服從

沿途亦有風景吸引 面貌逐次更新


可笑我還要裝作 全程來慶賀
你卻視這夢想國 想清楚 想清楚
do you want a fly

When i first heard about this song, i was laughing out loud. It's so true! It is not so glamour after all. =P

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Honeymoon flight

That day i just did a honeymoon fight. I just flew to Bali, too bad it's just a turn around flight. Didn't get the chance to visit Bali yet. Anyway, why i called it Honeymoon flight?! Because the whole flight is full with young couples.
Most of them are just married. How i know?!
Because many of them were wearing T-shirt which printed 'JUST MARRIED'.
So cute, right?

This is my first time doing Bali flight. It's really a vacation + honeymoon flight. I can feel their joy even as an outsider. Personally i think Bali is quite a good choice for Honeymoon. It's a simple and beautiful place. Last time i used to think honeymoon trip must go to European country like Paris or Vienna. Must have this Europe 9 days tour thingy. Hehehe.. Not anymore.

I heard this from a pastor, honeymoon is different than vacation. The purpose of honeymoon is to enjoy each other to the MAX!! Not to enjoy the sightseeing. That one can save it for vacation. Because when you are too busy with all the itinerary, how are you going to enjoy each other?!

Few weeks ago, i did a flight to Bahrain, Saudi Arabia. It was quite a sad flight, i must say. Not because it's a tough flight, or with some problematic passengers. In fact, most of the passengers that we carried on that flight are really good people.

The reason why i said it's sad, because it's a 'BACK TO WORK' flight. Most of them are workers from Philippines, China and Indonesia. They left their family few thousand miles away to earn their living. They did not talk much, through their eye i can see they must be missing their family alot. Hmmm....compare to Bali flight, the surrounding is totally different.

When i have a chance, i would love to pay a visit to Bali also. Maybe it's just not the time yet. Never mind, Bali will not run away =P

Thursday, January 7, 2010

my new year resolution lesson 1

peanuts rice

steam fish with taufu

Fried 'bo' vege

'lou sui' chicken wing

If 2 months ago, u ask me to cook. My answer will be NO NO NO! Let's go out and eat! =P
Last time i used to think it's ok to don't know how to cook, as long as u find a boyfriend who can cook. hahahaha! Actually i was kind of 'proud' for not be able to cook. Very wayward ya.

It's not be able to cook, or not willing to learn?! I think i'm the second one. I don't want to learn how to cook, so that i can be taking care of. The feeling of being 'feed' is good. Well, it's time to grow up, Elaine!

Almost at the end of 2009, i had this resolution. I want to learn cooking. Learn from the very basic. Cook rice, fried vege. Simple dinner. Those usual meal that every family have.

Initially i was thinking to join cooking class. But the timing is bad, i can't make it for class every week. Thank God for Ivy Jie, an aunty in my church. When i approach her, she straight say YES. somemore FOC! Cool ya!

It was fun learning from Ivy Jie. She brought me to wet market, teach me how to choose fish, teach me how to identify vege. So many to learn. I should have learn it from mummy way before, when i was at home. Hmmm...never too late, i believe. =)

Pray that i will have the determination to continue. =)

Monday, January 4, 2010

I hope one day I will still see you in heaven

Out of the blue i found a name card, Disneyland entrance ticket and a Paul Smith perfume testing card in the hidden pocket of my purse. I don't even remember i actually kept all these things in my purse. It's reminded me about him.

I asked myself if i happen to bump into him, what will be my reaction?! What should i say to him?!
While thinking about this, a phase came across my mind. I will tell him,

I know it might not be the best thing i should say to him. You must be thinking i'm actually cursing him, right?! No, i'm not. I say it like i mean it. I really hope i can still see him in heaven.

I used to angry at him. Bible says we must forgive and forget. Sometimes, i really think God have a sense of humor. He wants us not only forgive and forget, but also bless our enemy. I find it even hard to forgive, how to even bless?

We human being find it hard to forgive, because we are not willing to surrender to God. We want to be the judge. Like me, deep inside of me, without i realise, i actually have all these scary thought. I want to see what comes around goes around, i want to see him eat back his own shit.

God reminded me about the reason i called the relationship off.
I remember clearly what God told me that time,
"THIS MAN CAN LOSE YOU, BUT HE CANNOT LOSE ME." How much this man need God.

That time, i really want him to get closer to God, experience Jesus more. That's why i choose to take one step backward. Even though along the way, he hurt me alot with his lies and betrayed. But, it shouldn't change the original purpose.

How many times i have broken God's heart?! Still He forgive me if only i ask. Who i am today is all because of the mercy of God, not because of my hard work. I didn't earn my blessing, it's all because the grace of God.

I will surrender all to Jesus. He will be the judge. No matter what is going to happen to him, good or bad. I will still pray that he won't lose Jesus. I will still see him in heaven.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

new year in Saudi Arabia

First morning in 2010

I have a friend who love to see sunset. But, not me. I prefer sunrise. Sunrise represent the beginning a day. Full of hope and excitement. I would like to start my day with a nice cup of coffee. Hmmmm....

2010, new beginning. When i looked back 2009. What a crazy year for me. So many experiences. I thank God for every single one of them.

Even there are hurts, but without those hurts, i will not be who i am today. Without those failures, i will never let go my ego and pride. Without those disappointment, i will never find back my first love to God. Without those empty promises, i will not put my hope on God again. Without those fake security, i will not be so secure in the arm of Jesus. It's all happen to be GOOD!

There are people came in and left my life. Thanks for leaving a foot prints in my life. Thanks for growing up with me.

To my beloved family and friends, u know who you are =)
Thank you for bearing with me. Thank you for all the tears and laughter.
I love you all.