Friday, March 4, 2011

Favorite outport

People always asked me, where is your favorite port among all? My answer always be... 'a port where I have FRIENDS!'

You probably will think favorite outport should be judge by the scenery, the food, attractions, architecture, culture... Still, nothing beat to have FRIENDS in outport. You probably wont understand how important to have friends in outports. Trust me, it's REALLY important.

After hundred visits in Paris, you won't bother to go up Eiffel Tower. After you tried the cup cake that shown in 'Sex in the city', you won't eat it every time you fly to New York. After you took pictures with Mickey and all other cartoon's character, you won't bother to go Disneyland again when you fly to LA.

The reason why friends are important in outport, because you get to involve in their life. Besides showing you around all the famous attraction, they will tag you along with their daily routine. For example, following them to their local church on Sunday, buying grocery, sending their kids to school, cooking dinner at home. All these activities will make you feel like you LIVED there for a while.

Things that we lack as an air hostess are ROUTINE LIFE. We found that through friends.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Myth of Air Hostess Part 1

Being a stewardess, apparently is every girls dream. To be honest, it's never my dream. Maybe because i always have the idea that stewardess must be tall, slim, pretty and glamor. Well, i know my height very well. =P

Thank God for His blessing. What i have now are totally His blessing. I was once very low self esteem. I hardly tell people about my occupation. I afraid people will think, " short also can be stewardess meh?! Nowadays, standard really drop!'

There are two types of people i always encounter.

Type one: Too fantasize about my job

The respond i always got from other people will be, 'waaa!! so good! You get to go VACATION all the time.'
Let me get this clear. Vacation is different than WORK.

Vacation means you will get to the destination after finished 5 movies, two meals, one cocktail, few times of toilet visits and probably a nap...

Work means you will get to the destination after SERVING 2 meals, one cocktail service, few rounds of drinks service, few times of TOILET CLEANING, reset some broken Personal TV...bla bla bla...

Well, see the different? =P

Type Two: Look down at my job

Some people will said, 'Well, stewardess is just the WAITRESSES in the air!'
or 'Cabin crew is a BRAINLESS job! U don't need a degree for that. U just need to have a pretty face and nice body!'

Hmmmm... First of all, i don't think stewardess is JUST the waitress in the air. It's actually also a qualified FIRST AIDER, AIRCRAFT SAFETY EQUIPMENT USER, LIFE SAFER, FIRE FIGHTER and of cause TOILET CLEANER! =P


Secondly... Ya, Degree might not be required, the fact is, thousand of degree holders applied for this job, but did not get in.
Who say, this is a brainless job?! This job require not only IQ, the most important things is EQ.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


It have been a while from the last time i went to Perth.
Emmm... almost a year ago.
I thought i will be ok. That's why i swappep for this flight.
I was over extimated myself.

Before i go, everything looks fine with me.
Feeling only started overwhelming when i reached the airport.
Familiar places, familiar foods, familiar time...

I thought about him. About those time.
Can't believe after so long i still can't get rid of it...
Don't get me wrong, not because of affection, to me, it's just a memories.

Met up with Jaclyn for brunch.
It was great!
It's always good to meet up with friends in outport.
Especially from the same hometown.

Well, Jac did update me about him.
She told me about he is loosing his walk with God.
He is treating Christianity as a lifestyle.
Going church or Cell group is just being in the circle of friends.

Nothing surprise me.
I will never forget what he said to me after we broke off.
I asked him whether the new girlfriend is a christian.
Guess what he said?!
I thought he will say, he will try to bring her to church or something like that.

I was so heart broken when i heard that.
Because that makes me think that when we were together, he was just PRETEND to be a good christian.
I still can't believe someone will used God to impress a girl.

It was me being too naive or he was very DARING.
How can he used God?!

Well, i realize i was being very bitter.
When i heard about his update from Jaclyn.
I should be praying for him.
But, i can't.
I think he don't deserve it.
I was so bitter, until i think he don't deserve salvation also.

Wow!! That's so wrong!
Thank God that He reminded me that i was also a sinner before.
Do i deserve salvation!?
Salvation is come from the grace of God.
If he don't deserve, neither do i.

Thank you Jesus for stretching me once again.
I'm now 'WIDER' than before.

Lord, I just want to up hold him unto your hand.
By God's grace, he will one day found his path with You.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Release and receive

It had been a while from the last time i wrote my blog.
Just came back from Penang. Been working really hard this month.
Almost flying everyday, but all to Malaysia only.
Quite cool actually, because i got all my allowances in Ringgit.
Not bad actually.

Anyway, something happen recently.
I'm quite cool about being single for quite some time already.
I'm actually beginning to enjoy it.
But, not tonight.

After we talked in MSN, actually gave me quite some thoughts.
Hoping to meet him, but in the same time afraid being emo.
Brought along alot of worries and hope to operate the flight to Penang.
All i got is TEARS and ANGER.

Gave me empty promises that you will LOVE TO MEET?!
Bullshit la...
Not even inform me that you are not coming.

To be honest, i'm totally cool about this.
I'm not disappointed the fact that we are not meeting.

I just very pissed off by his email.
How can he be so selfish?!
When he was emo, he can just come and blast all to me.
But, when he is feeling OK, he asked me not to be misunderstand on what he said.
The best part is, he think i'm CHANGED to a better person.
He don't think i'm being the REAL me!
He was WONDER what is REAL in me?!

What is your problem?!

I couldn't help but being so bitter.
Instead of cursing over him, i chose to cried out to God.
Tears just can't help but falling...

Thank God for everything had happen.
I read this in Joel Osteen's blog.
'Release and Receive'.

It's a story about a woman released her burden to God.
She actually visualize those 'burden balloons' being release one by one to God.

I'm going to do the same.
I will release my burden to God.
Received a fresh portion of God's strength to face each day.

I just need to kept reminding myself that God's blessing has always in store for my future!!
People don't believe, nevermind.
I know God has done a wonderful things in my life.

Amen! Thank you, Jesus.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why God create Wisdom teeth?!

Gosh! I'm in pain!
I just took out my right lower wisdom tooth.
The side effect is...
my face is SWALLOW like pig head.
Constantly taking pain killer and antibiotic.
Can't really open my mouth.
I sounded funny with my slur speech.

Guess what?!
I still need to take out the left hand side one in 2 months time.

I went to Dr Lim in Penang Dental.
He is the most cheerful and talkative dentist i ever met.
He can continue talk and talk and talk.
Maybe this is his way to distract me from my nervous.
Every movement he do, he will explain to me.
Kind of cool actually.

I got four injection before the dentist pull out my teeth.
Can't you believe it?!
2 on my gum, 1 on my lips and 1 on my tougue.
I felt total numb after the injection.

The dentist technically 'drill' my teeth into pieces.
He said he will 'cut' them into 4 pieces like birthday cake.
The sound was just CRAZY!!
I guess i will bring my Ipod on my next treatment.

After he 'cut' my wisdom tooth,
he need to pull out the whole root of my tooth.
Before he pull, he said, 'shall we sing happy birthday?!'
Before i ask, "HAR?!'
He pull it out!
Thank God!

Then he said he will become a tailor now.
To stitch my wound.
No pain no pain...

The PAIN only come after 5 hours!!
until now...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

May God Bless Thailand

I just flew to Thailand few days ago.
At first i thought i'm going to stay in the airport hotel.

Ever since the incident in Thailand,
For safety reason, company had putted us in airport hotel.
But, to my surprise, we moved back to the town.

I was little upset.
When we stay in airport hotel, our meal allowance was double.
But this time, everything back to normal.
Including our allowances.
Which is very very little.

I went out to the town to have a look.

So sad, right?!
I was shock when i saw Central World.

I heard this from my purser for this flight.
He said, everybody complain about moving back to the old hotel because of the allowances.
I'm so glad that we had moved back to the old hotel.

I asked him, WHY??
He said, we are not happy because we didn't get more allowance.
But, have you ever think of the people who are working or running business in town area?!
They already lost lots of money and property because of the incident.
If we stop staying in the town,
no tourist spend money in the town.
What will happen to them?!

Suddenly, i felt i was being so selfish...
only cared about myself, not thinking for others.

I saw this interesting tree in one of the mall.

Wishes from people around the world.

I had wrote my wish for Thailand also.


Saturday, May 29, 2010



我知道小姑还是走了 T_T