Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Myth of Air Hostess Part 1

Being a stewardess, apparently is every girls dream. To be honest, it's never my dream. Maybe because i always have the idea that stewardess must be tall, slim, pretty and glamor. Well, i know my height very well. =P

Thank God for His blessing. What i have now are totally His blessing. I was once very low self esteem. I hardly tell people about my occupation. I afraid people will think, " short also can be stewardess meh?! Nowadays, standard really drop!'

There are two types of people i always encounter.

Type one: Too fantasize about my job

The respond i always got from other people will be, 'waaa!! so good! You get to go VACATION all the time.'
Let me get this clear. Vacation is different than WORK.

Vacation means you will get to the destination after finished 5 movies, two meals, one cocktail, few times of toilet visits and probably a nap...

Work means you will get to the destination after SERVING 2 meals, one cocktail service, few rounds of drinks service, few times of TOILET CLEANING, reset some broken Personal TV...bla bla bla...

Well, see the different? =P

Type Two: Look down at my job

Some people will said, 'Well, stewardess is just the WAITRESSES in the air!'
or 'Cabin crew is a BRAINLESS job! U don't need a degree for that. U just need to have a pretty face and nice body!'

Hmmmm... First of all, i don't think stewardess is JUST the waitress in the air. It's actually also a qualified FIRST AIDER, AIRCRAFT SAFETY EQUIPMENT USER, LIFE SAFER, FIRE FIGHTER and of cause TOILET CLEANER! =P


Secondly... Ya, Degree might not be required, the fact is, thousand of degree holders applied for this job, but did not get in.
Who say, this is a brainless job?! This job require not only IQ, the most important things is EQ.

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