Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Big Tree

Mum happen to brought a tour to HK. Oh ya, by the way, for those who don't know, my mum no longer running her restaurant T&L. She sold the business off, and she is part time tour leader now. Tour leader is different than tour guide. She just need to bring those people who join the tour from Kuantan to wherever, and pass it to the local tour guide. Sounded pretty easy, isn't it?! That is NOT true at all.

If not because i were there to witness the whole scenario, i won't believe how tough the job is. My goodness!!! It is a 40 people tour. Age range from 35's to 65's. Each age range have their own interest, the best part is...they don't seems to compromise each other.
Those who are younger, they want to go EVERYWHERE! Those who are more senior, they just want to go back hotel and rest. Gosh! So, mum have to do double work lo... Have to send those back to hotel and go out with the younger group.

If u think they will appreciate my mother hard work, then you are SO WRONG! They never appreciate my mother hard work. They just have the mentality that they PAID for the tour, they shall be the KING.

Haih...for all you know, they only paid RM1599 for 6 days trip, Macau-Shenzhen-HK. Includes air fare, accommodation, transport and meals. If they think they are paying ALOT, i really don't know what to say. Come on, for such a low tour fees, of cause not includes EVERYTHING right!? So, some of the extra tourist spot like Wax Museum, of cause need to top up la... Then they started to complain. -___-!!!

I never see my mother being so patient before. Even how messy the whole situation was, my mother never even show face. Not even a hint. She just keep quiet, keep smiling. Can u believe they took 1 hour to check-in in the airport?! A special counter only check-in for their 40 people group, also took them 1 hour!!
The check-in ground staff already went crazy, but my mother still stayed calm.

*a round of applause for my mother* *clap clap clap*

My mother is like a Big tree in my family, Me and my brothers are the flower and small tree besides it. Besides getting their nutrition from big tree, when it's getting too sunny, the big tree will be blocking the sun for them. Prevent them from being 'hangus'.
When there are thunder storm, the big tree will protect them from flying off. At the end of day, the big tree is having all the hurts and pain from the strong sun and thunder storm.

This is the Big Tree in my family, my beloved mother. I love you.

Friday, March 26, 2010

De Lovely

I watched this movie in the hotel room. It's a biographical stage musical, composer Cole Porter reviews his life and career with his wife, Linda.

At first i was attracted by the musical background of the scenes. The 60's background and custome were also catches my eye. All the ladies were wearing red lipstick, curly perm hair, big hat, hand gloves and dress. Their accessories never fail to be pearls or diamonds. Very gorgeous!

After the movie, the only thing that stayed in my head was...
Gorgeos main actress?! NO!
Grand musical scenes?! NO!
Luxury custome?! NO!

The only thing that stayed in my head was the scene where the main actress died on her bed. She wasn't wearing any jewelry, either any nice custome. It's just her and her husband. In my head i was thinking. If she can trade all her jewelry with a longer time with her husband, i think she will definitely do so.

When life come to the end, you think any of those things matters anymore?! Some people used all their life to go after wealth, brands, luxury, jewelry, etc...
But at the end of the day, you can bring nothing with you to heaven.
Compare with a 'sucessful' life, i think i will prefer to have a meaningful life!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Little Angel, Macy

'People always blame God is not with them, but i believe if you have faith, He is always there leading you slowly, step by step... You will fall cause of the rocky road but He will make some light on your path to let you see clearer... He is just there.. Watching...'

I heard this from a friend of mine, Macy. When i heard this, it's touched my heart.

Whenever i'm having rocky road, God seems to be so far away. This is not because God had gone so far, it's because i lost my faith.

Today is one the day that i felt lonely and empty. I guess this is the side effect by sitting alone in the hotel room, still wearing pyjamas in the afternoon and not having proper meal.

It's a short stay for me in Dubai for this trip, so i decided not to go out. Just to rest in the room. Well, i guess it's a mistake to do so. At least i should go to the gym. Exercise might help. But i forgot my sport shoe *sigh*.

Well, this is how it happen. Ever since i woke up this morning, i felt like something is missing, but i don't know what is that!? I guess this is call emptiness. This is come with my job i guess, loneliness and emptiness.

God is still good! Whenever i encounter all these feeling. He will confort me in many ways. Like this time i have little angel, Macy, to comfort me. =)

Monday, March 8, 2010


Everyone is dying for confirmation. That's including me! Hate the feeling of being uncertain.

This happen to me. Ever since i started working in HK. I always ask God for direction. Whether to stay in HK or go back to Malaysia.
If to go back, how long more to stay here? What to do if i go back?
If stay in HK, is this the right job? Is this the original plan in my life? Is this something God you want me to do?

Many many question marks...
I always want to have confirmation from God. Is it Righteousness or Selfishness?!
Confirmation is for God or for myself?
I always LEAVE everything to God. Looks like a righteous act, but indeed, it's a selfish act.
Sometimes, i just refuse to make decision because i afraid of making wrong decision.

Thank God for His mercy. I went to Hillchurch in Sydney last weekend. Pastor talked about confirmation. Wow!! God is good!

We always want confirmation out of sense of security. For all you know, God already had His confirmation to us long long time ago. Which is the covenant with Him. As the children of God. Aren't we have the BEST confirmation already?!

We always tend to focus on our circumstances and individual problem. What we need to do is just as simple as FOLLOW WHAT HE ASK US TO DO!

Whether to stay or to leave, i will just follow. I believe it must be a reason for me to be here. =)