Friday, March 4, 2011

Favorite outport

People always asked me, where is your favorite port among all? My answer always be... 'a port where I have FRIENDS!'

You probably will think favorite outport should be judge by the scenery, the food, attractions, architecture, culture... Still, nothing beat to have FRIENDS in outport. You probably wont understand how important to have friends in outports. Trust me, it's REALLY important.

After hundred visits in Paris, you won't bother to go up Eiffel Tower. After you tried the cup cake that shown in 'Sex in the city', you won't eat it every time you fly to New York. After you took pictures with Mickey and all other cartoon's character, you won't bother to go Disneyland again when you fly to LA.

The reason why friends are important in outport, because you get to involve in their life. Besides showing you around all the famous attraction, they will tag you along with their daily routine. For example, following them to their local church on Sunday, buying grocery, sending their kids to school, cooking dinner at home. All these activities will make you feel like you LIVED there for a while.

Things that we lack as an air hostess are ROUTINE LIFE. We found that through friends.