Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Release and receive

It had been a while from the last time i wrote my blog.
Just came back from Penang. Been working really hard this month.
Almost flying everyday, but all to Malaysia only.
Quite cool actually, because i got all my allowances in Ringgit.
Not bad actually.

Anyway, something happen recently.
I'm quite cool about being single for quite some time already.
I'm actually beginning to enjoy it.
But, not tonight.

After we talked in MSN, actually gave me quite some thoughts.
Hoping to meet him, but in the same time afraid being emo.
Brought along alot of worries and hope to operate the flight to Penang.
All i got is TEARS and ANGER.

Gave me empty promises that you will LOVE TO MEET?!
Bullshit la...
Not even inform me that you are not coming.

To be honest, i'm totally cool about this.
I'm not disappointed the fact that we are not meeting.

I just very pissed off by his email.
How can he be so selfish?!
When he was emo, he can just come and blast all to me.
But, when he is feeling OK, he asked me not to be misunderstand on what he said.
The best part is, he think i'm CHANGED to a better person.
He don't think i'm being the REAL me!
He was WONDER what is REAL in me?!

What is your problem?!

I couldn't help but being so bitter.
Instead of cursing over him, i chose to cried out to God.
Tears just can't help but falling...

Thank God for everything had happen.
I read this in Joel Osteen's blog.
'Release and Receive'.

It's a story about a woman released her burden to God.
She actually visualize those 'burden balloons' being release one by one to God.

I'm going to do the same.
I will release my burden to God.
Received a fresh portion of God's strength to face each day.

I just need to kept reminding myself that God's blessing has always in store for my future!!
People don't believe, nevermind.
I know God has done a wonderful things in my life.

Amen! Thank you, Jesus.

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