Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why God create Wisdom teeth?!

Gosh! I'm in pain!
I just took out my right lower wisdom tooth.
The side effect is...
my face is SWALLOW like pig head.
Constantly taking pain killer and antibiotic.
Can't really open my mouth.
I sounded funny with my slur speech.

Guess what?!
I still need to take out the left hand side one in 2 months time.

I went to Dr Lim in Penang Dental.
He is the most cheerful and talkative dentist i ever met.
He can continue talk and talk and talk.
Maybe this is his way to distract me from my nervous.
Every movement he do, he will explain to me.
Kind of cool actually.

I got four injection before the dentist pull out my teeth.
Can't you believe it?!
2 on my gum, 1 on my lips and 1 on my tougue.
I felt total numb after the injection.

The dentist technically 'drill' my teeth into pieces.
He said he will 'cut' them into 4 pieces like birthday cake.
The sound was just CRAZY!!
I guess i will bring my Ipod on my next treatment.

After he 'cut' my wisdom tooth,
he need to pull out the whole root of my tooth.
Before he pull, he said, 'shall we sing happy birthday?!'
Before i ask, "HAR?!'
He pull it out!
Thank God!

Then he said he will become a tailor now.
To stitch my wound.
No pain no pain...

The PAIN only come after 5 hours!!
until now...

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  1. I really wonder y would God create Wisdom teeth... But thts a serious question! :|

    Greetings from Brazil! ^_^
    And I hope ur fine nao! LOL