Saturday, June 12, 2010

May God Bless Thailand

I just flew to Thailand few days ago.
At first i thought i'm going to stay in the airport hotel.

Ever since the incident in Thailand,
For safety reason, company had putted us in airport hotel.
But, to my surprise, we moved back to the town.

I was little upset.
When we stay in airport hotel, our meal allowance was double.
But this time, everything back to normal.
Including our allowances.
Which is very very little.

I went out to the town to have a look.

So sad, right?!
I was shock when i saw Central World.

I heard this from my purser for this flight.
He said, everybody complain about moving back to the old hotel because of the allowances.
I'm so glad that we had moved back to the old hotel.

I asked him, WHY??
He said, we are not happy because we didn't get more allowance.
But, have you ever think of the people who are working or running business in town area?!
They already lost lots of money and property because of the incident.
If we stop staying in the town,
no tourist spend money in the town.
What will happen to them?!

Suddenly, i felt i was being so selfish...
only cared about myself, not thinking for others.

I saw this interesting tree in one of the mall.

Wishes from people around the world.

I had wrote my wish for Thailand also.


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  1. may God bless Elaine so she can write and bless Thailand! =)